When You’re Bored with Your Diet…How Can You Breathe Life Back into it?

There are creative ways to spice up any diet

The #1 thing diets have in common are their unusually quick life spans. In fact, the majority of dieters associate diet-like behavior with hunger, deprivation and yes — boredom.

This is perhaps why an average of two out of every five people on a diet fall off within the first week, and only one in five remain strong after the first month. Scary statistics, right?

But before we dive into the nitty gritty and talk about ways to spruce things up to keep them interesting, let’s debunk the diet-minded mentality. The overwhelming reason so many people are quick to regain lost weight (plus extra, yikes!) after dieting is because their plans aren’t sustainable. Who can live off of kale and grilled chicken for every single meal?

Bored with Diet and Exercise? Don’t be Afraid to Spice Things Up

If your goal is to develop a routine rich with healthy habits you can turn into a sustainable lifestyle, don’t be afraid to shake things up! Variety is the spice of life — and good health, too.

Elimination Probably Isn’t the Answer

Does your “diet” eliminate certain foods like all carbohydrates, sugars and alcohol? It’s probably not sustainable, and it might even drive you crazy after a few weeks. Remember that it’s totally possible to build healthier habits while keeping your favorite things in moderation.

Aim for Variety in Each Food Group

Whether it’s lean proteins, fruits or veggies, explore your options. Maybe you rarely ever eat seafood such as scallops, or you’ve never tasted dragon fruit or rhubarb. Diversify and expand your food groups so you always have new ingredients to cook with!

Try a New Workout Style

Nutrition is important, but so is exercise. Bored of going on half hour walks in the evenings or hitting the same weights at the gym? Exercise in a new environment, try a group fitness class or pick up a new fitness-related hobby that keeps things fresh and interesting.

Experiment with Herbs and Spices

Even plain ol’ chicken breast can be diversified into many different dishes! Try herbs and seasonings from all different cuisines to give your regular dishes a new taste.

Cook Your Meals Using New Methods

Do you always resort to your oven or skillet? Take things up a notch. Invest in a grill, air fryer, Instant pot, Crock pot, pressure cooker or rotisserie oven. New gadgets means new tastes!

Network and Find Support

More than half of U.S. adults are actively trying to lose weight, so why not buddy up? Join a neighborhood fitness camp, cooking class or local support group. Meet others who are on the same journey, make some new friends, and discover additional ways to keep things fresh.

Make it a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

Remember, the majority of diets fail. This is because too many dieters are focused on quick, easy results built from all-or-nothing habits that can’t be sustained over time. Don’t let the weight you lose come creeping back in! Instead, learn to develop healthy, long-term lifestyle changes that suit your personality and the life you lead. Success will be so much sweeter!

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