Tips and Tricks for Staying Motivated on Your Health Journey

Staying Motivated: Yes You Can written in the sand on the beach

Setting goals and beginning a plan or program is sometimes the easy part. It can be fun to write down your goals, plan how you will get there and finally get started. But what about staying motivated?

As the days go on, sometimes the motivation you had early on starts to fade. It can become a little more difficult to stay on track and continue your path to success.

What is the best strategy to keep going and stay motivated?

Take a Good Look at Where You’re at Now

When working toward a health goal, it can be easy to focus on what you have left to do instead of what you’ve already accomplished. For example, with the goal of weight-loss, many people don’t give themselves credit for the 10 pounds they’ve already lost—only the 20 pounds they still want to lose.

Take a minute to write down everything you’ve accomplished since you began, no matter how big or small. Give yourself credit for what you have done.

Expect Setbacks and Make Changes

No one has a perfect plan. When you begin a plan, it’s very normal to experience setbacks. Perhaps you wanted to get to the gym three a week and that’s just not working out. Maybe you wanted to spend time relaxing every evening but you haven’t made the time.

There is always time to adjust. Try hitting the gym twice a week and find time for an outdoor walk on the weekends. If you can’t have downtime in the evening, try getting up a few minutes earlier each day. You can always make adjustments to stay motivated and keep progressing.

Plan, Execute and Avoid Distractions

Once you have established your plan, don’t let anything get in your way. With your re-vamped plan, decide how you will execute. This may be sitting down every week to determine how to get things done. Sometimes writing in a notebook, adding to your calendar or even verbalizing to others can solidify your plan. Additionally, it can keep you focused so you avoid distractions.

If you struggle along the way, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many resources available. You can find a health coach, seek help from a friend or ask a co-worker to lend some support and help you on the road to success.

Find Some Fun and Reward Yourself

Setting goals and making changes can be hard. That’s why it’s important to add some fun into your plan as well. If you want to increase your physical activity, make it enjoyable by walking with a friend or taking an outdoor hike instead of going to the gym. This can make it easier to stay on track. Also, consider some rewards when you meet your goals. Indulge in a new workout top, a movie out, or another fun treat to pat yourself on the back for all your hard work.

Keep reaching for the stars and your goals! You’ll get there sooner than you realize. For more help with goal-setting and staying motivated, click here.

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