Time is Running Out to Support NOCW2018: Add Your Voice!

National Obesity Care Week Dates: October 7th – 13th, 2018

National Obesity Care Week (NOCW2018) kicks-off Sunday, October 7th, and the Obesity Action Coalition (Founder of the Your Weight Matters Campaign) is challenging all of us to show our support and participate. But why should you care about NOCW2018?

NOCW2018 is Changing the Way We Treat Weight in Society

Almost anyone who struggles with their weight knows how challenging the process can be. Not only are overweight and obesity heavily stigmatized and expected to bring about feelings of shame, but weight in general is difficult to manage. Many factors affect weight beyond food and exercise. Genetics, environment, culture and other health conditions also play an important role.

Yet society’s perception of overweight and obesity affects more than just our self-esteem. It changes the game in healthcare, the workforce, media representation, insurance policies and other key areas. It accelerates discrimination and places barriers on the pathways to improved health. Which is sort of ironic, because many regard weight discrimination as a way to encourage healthier living. But NOCW2018 is working hard to change all of that, and you can help.

Take the NOCW2018 Pledge Now!

You can easily support NOCW2018 by taking the Pledge to change the way we care about obesity. When you take the pledge, you add your support to this powerful awareness Campaign which seeks to advance quality obesity care that is respectful, comprehensive and science-based.

The full Campaign will take place October 7th – 13th and feature themed Focus Days with important messages we need to share. Take a look below at what you can expect:

To learn more about NOCW2018, visit ObesityCareWeek.org and explore the Campaign’s powerful vision of creating a society that understands, respects and accepts the complexities of obesity and values science-based care. You can be a part of it!

To add your voice to NOCW2018, take the Pledge by Clicking Here.

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