Summer is Coming! Plan these Healthy Activities for Your Family

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Spring is in full bloom, but we’re nearing the start of summer! School will soon be out and everyone’s itching for fun things to do. Don’t let the sunny months of summer slip away from your family by staying idle indoors. It’s never too early to start planning ahead for a great time!

Summer Family-centric Activities

Plant a Garden and Reap What You Sow

There’s nothing fresher than food and herbs from your own garden. Vibrant summer flowers also light up any room or space in your home. Get your loved ones together and work on building your own yard or container garden with input on where to grow and what to grow. This activity will not only teach your family about eating and preparing whole food nutrition, but also about nurturing something special. Plus, it gets everyone outside in the sun and dirt!

For gardening tips, please CLICK HERE.

Plan a Rejuvenating Summer Vacation

Summer is the perfect time to hit the refresh button. If you have a vacation in mind, start brainstorming! If you’re looking for relaxation by the beach, a coastal town might be your biggest hit. If you’re a family of outdoor adventurers, a road trip to the mountains or a national park might be in store. Want to stay close? Pick a nearby destination and splurge a little bit.

Sign-up for a Family Race

Keep everyone on their feet this summer by training for a family 5K race for proceeds that benefit a charitable cause. Working toward a common goal can strengthen the connection between your loved ones and give them something to look forward to as a whole.

Purchase a Family Gym Membership

If it’s too hot outdoors to stay active, consider a flexible gym membership that your family will enjoy. If schedules are a little bit looser during the summer, this might be a great time to try out engaging fitness classes that add some spark to your workouts.

Take a Trip to See Animals

Whether it’s a local zoo or nature center, it’s always fun to look at interesting animals beyond your own house pets. This is a great learning opportunity for kids about what other animals are out there, and it gets everyone out of the house and walking/exploring.

Try a Nutritious Cooking Class

Community cooking classes are a wonderful extracurricular activity that gets everyone in the family hands-on with their food. Look for a nutrition-minded class that incorporates a lot of whole foods into creative recipes. You’ll have exciting dishes for months on end!

Most Importantly, Unplug.

No matter what fun ideas you want to incorporate for your family this summer, make it a point to unplug. Cellphones, tablets and televisions are tempting, but no one needs to be on them all the time. Take this summer to experience more of the world around you, do hands-on activities and try something new. A fun and healthy summer is one that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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