Saint Patrick’s Day Fun Food: Healthy Meets Creative

Have fun with food this Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that can bring out your inner child. From shamrocks and leprechauns to pots of gold and all things green, there are so many opportunities to have fun and be creative! One way you can celebrate is by experimenting with food.

The likelyhood is that you still have work and family obligations on Saint Patrick’s Day. If you have children, they probably still have to go to school. To add a fun little twist to the holiday that everyone can enjoy, rather than just donning a green blouse, try finding new ways to amplify your favorite foods while also getting festive.

St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Play around with Green Bell Peppers

Have you ever noticed that slices of green bell pepper, if kept in their circular shape after cutting the pepper sideways, form the shape of a shamrock? How fun! Try adding sliced peppers to your toast, breakfast egg muffin or lunchtime sandwich. Or, just eat them as they are and pair with a dip-able protein like hummus or Greek yogurt.

Green Deviled Eggs

The yellow filling of deviled eggs is traditionally made from egg yolks that have been mashed and combined with other ingredients like mayonnaise or mustard. To make a green filling, stuff your boiled egg halves with an avocado mixture. You can keep the traditional Paprika topping or go for something a little more bold like scallion shavings or crushed red pepper.

Homemade Green Popsicles

Using ice trays or other molds with fun shapes, make a healthy juice mixture and let it freeze into individual popsicles. To make your popsicles green, play around with juice/smoothie ingredients like green grapes, leafy greens, avocado or green apple. You may want to add some edible green dye to get the color right while adding in other ingredients for a sweeter, tart taste.

Healthy Whole Grains

For a festive wrap, try using a spinach wrap instead of white or wheat and stuff it with lots of veggies. If you’re in the mood for pasta, look for the whole grain variety. Some brands have green-colored pasta, but you can also add your own green color by incorporating a spinach or pesto sauce. Top it off with scallions and herbs like Basil or Oregano.

Rainbow Fruit Plate

There’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, right? Make your own rainbow by gathering a bunch of differently colored fruit, slicing/chopping them up and arranging them in a curved rainbow shape. For the clouds at the end, try making a white fruit dip out of low-cal cool whip.

Have a Happy and Healthy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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