What Questions Should I be Asking My Healthcare Provider?

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The role of a healthcare provider is to support and assist you on your journey toward a healthier mind and body. Are you actively scheduling appointments with your healthcare provider to stay up-to-date and on-track with your health? If so, are you asking questions that will help guide your appointment and keep you informed?

Your Healthcare Provider and You

The relationship you develop with your healthcare provider is an important one. Together, you can decide what is best for your weight management journey so you can be sure you are moving in a positive direction to meet your goals.

Unfortunately, so many individuals are passive with their health and do not take the time to nurture this relationship. This can lead to missed appointments, unproductive appointments and even declining health. Don’t let this happen to you! By coming prepared to all of your appointments and asking appropriate questions, you are so much more proactive.

Important Questions to Ask

Do you have an appointment coming up? Make sure you’ve written down your questions beforehand on a notepad or in your phone that will be readily available. These are some common, key questions you should always seek an answer to:

What is My Diagnosis?

It may sound obvious, but you might be surprised at how often this question goes unanswered during an appointment. An official diagnosis is important for your medical records, prescription medications and general health knowledge.

What are My Treatment Options?

You ultimately have the power to decide what treatment option is best for you. Openly discuss your options with your healthcare provider to understand different ways you can address your diagnosis. There’s usually more than one way!

Should I Change My Lifestyle?

Sometimes it takes more than medication to treat a condition. Lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise may be helpful. Talk to your doctor about your daily habits and decide together if you could be doing more to help your health.

What is the Purpose of My Medication?

Too many times, we take medicine only with the knowledge that it will help treat our condition. But how does the medicine work, how will it specifically affect your body and what else should you know before taking it? Ask these questions!

What Information Can I Trust?

Beyond your healthcare provider’s knowledge, you might seek help from additional resources such as websites, journals, magazines and support groups. What information is trustworthy? Your healthcare provider might have some tips.

What Should I Work on before My Next Visit?

Health is an ongoing journey. Your healthcare provider wants to see you improve your health over time with each visit you have together. Ask him/her what you can do in the meantime to improve your quality of life. Take control!


A curious patient is a healthy patient. Your questions show your healthcare provider that you care about your well-being enough to want more information. The next time you make an appointment, don’t rush through your time together simply to resolve a specific issue. Consider the bigger picture and look toward your long-term health. Questions will appear naturally!

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