Healthy Hacks to Make Drinking Water Taste Better

Do you get bored drinking water, or don't like the taste! Here are some tips to make it taste better.

Water is arguably the healthiest drink out there, but if you’re like millions of others, you might not think it tastes all the best. And that’s okay, because water is a fairly simple and flavorless drink, despite the fact that it makes up almost two thirds of your body and is crucial to regulating body temperature, flushing out toxins, helping your digestive system and much more.

No matter how healthy your diet is or how much you exercise, you can’t get away from the necessity of drinking this key liquid. Despite its metabolism-boosting effects, water is crucial for your body to function at its very best. So if you cringe while you drink it, or you just get bored all the time, consider these healthy hacks for making your beverage taste better.

Tips for Boosting Flavor

Infuse with Fruit to Your Heart’s Content

Fruit juice with a ton of added sugar isn’t a huge help to your waistline, but there’s another way to get that bold fruity flavor. Try infusing different fruits into your water for tremendous effects on your taste buds. Watermelon, orange, lemon, cucumber, blueberry, strawberry and  raspberry are among the most popular flavors. To make it easy, invest in a fruit-infuser storage container (like a pitcher) or specialty bottle for a tasty drink on-the-go.

Try Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated water has the bubbly texture of soda and is often a lot more thicker than regular kinds. You can try non-flavored options or those that are lightly sweetened with fruity notes. Most options are five calories or less! If you take a stroll through the water aisle of your grocery store, you’ll likely find a bunch of brands with different carbonated options for you to try.

Explore Different Water Mixtures

Also in the beverage aisle of your grocery store are various drink packets with water enhancers in either liquid or powdered form. They come in flavors ranging from fruit punch to cucumber melon and even coffee! Add them to your water bottle, water pitcher or just a glass.

Add Ice Cubes

There’s something so immensely refreshing about a cold glass of ice water. While regular ice cubes might do the trick, you can also add some pizzazz by freezing fruit juice, coffee and more.

Check Your Water Quality

Depending on the water source for your home, tap water might not taste as good as other options. Oftentimes, purified water will have an entirely different and smoother taste. Consider investing in a purifier pitcher or attachment for your sink, or buy large cases of purified or spring water from your grocery store and rely on those for drinking purposes.

Put Your Drink in a Fun Container

Water bottles and plain clear glasses are no fun. To trick yourself into reaching for your next sip, consider fun glasses or water bottles with vibrant designs and attractive messages. This is more of a mental trick, but if you’re easily influenced, it could do the job!

Remember to Track Your Water Intake

Why put so much effort into making water taste better if you still aren’t going to get enough of it? Use an app on your phone or a section of your journal to track your daily water intake. Aim for at least 70-80 fl. oz. of water per day and make sure you’re drinking it all day long. Soon you’ll see amazing benefits not only on the scale, but in your overall health!


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