Dressing Your Best for Fashion, Comfort and Confidence

Dress for fashion, comfort and confidence

When you struggle with weight, feeling comfortable and confident in clothes can be challenging. Many think that “fashion” falls by the wayside. A lot of this is due to cultural stigma surrounding overweight and obesity. A lot of it is also internalized weight bias.

The Challenge with Fashion

In general, fashion is easy. It’s about expressing your identity. But in the past, clothing designers haven’t exactly made it easy for men and women of larger sizes to dress how they want. Society has also created a lot of “rules” to follow. Some of these include:

  • Avoid wearing white or bright colors
  • Avoid wearing print patterns
  • Avoid wearing horizontal stripes
  • Wear all black because it’s “slimming”
  • Wear jackets, sweaters or cardigans to cover up

But no matter your weight or size, you’re allowed to feel your best in clothes. And you should, too. Consider some of the below tips for dressing for fashion, comfort and confidence.

Tips for Feeling Great in What You Wear

Purge What You Don’t Like

Take a good hard look at all your clothes. Is there anything stained, ripped or falling apart? Are there pieces of clothing you just don’t like, or possibly some you even cringe at? Take them out of your closet and drawers. Donate what’s still in good condition. Scrap the rest!

Figure Out What’s Missing

Do you need more professional clothes for work? What about basics like jeans, blouses and casual wear? How about sleepwear, underwear, lounge or workout clothes? Write down what’s missing so you can slowly build upon what you have.

Determine What You Like to Wear

Fashion norms aside, what do you like? Think about colors, prints, stripes, solids and styles. Are you casual? Bohemian? Elegant? Trendy? Check sites like Pinterest for style ideas to inspire you.

Look for Clothes that Fit Your Wants

Take the above tips and look for clothes that meet your style. Research online for clothes that carry your sizes and that are also within your budget. There are many more designers and retailers carrying plus sizes than ever before! Many of these clothes have elastic waistbands that conform to your body type and accent the parts of you that you love.

Important Words of Wisdom

  • Try sites like ShopittoMe.com to locate brands and styles that fit you best.
  • Take a friend shopping with you for honest feedback.
  • Don’t stress over clothing sizes because they vary by style and designer.
  • Don’t feel like you have to default to safe black.
  • Try forgiving fabric like “ponte jersey” if you’re in an active weight-loss period.
  • Accessorize to top-off any outfit or style you wear.
  • Explore other colors beyond basic khaki, black and dark blues.
  • Don’t forget about outlet stores like TX Maxx, Marshalls and Ross.

For more size-neutral tips on dressing for fashion, comfort and confidence, CLICK HERE.

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