Connecting the Dots between Weight-loss, Energy and Exercise

Weight-loss, Energy and Exercise are all connected

If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably have plans to get more active. You also probably know that making room for more activity can be very hard, especially on a tight schedule or if you’re managing weight-related health conditions.

Fatigue is one of those frustrating barriers that far too often gets in the way of exercise. Who wants to get active after a draining day at work or a tough time waking up to your alarm? If you face chronic fatigue, how do you muster up the energy at all?

Weight-Loss Leads to Energy which Leads to Motivation for Exercise

Excess weight puts a lot of strain on your body. It can be difficult to run simple errands and do housework, let alone complete a workout. Lacking energy can make weight-loss seem impossible when it involves so much physical activity.

The good news is that weight-loss of just 5-10% can have amazing health benefits — more energy being one of them. You don’t have to lose a ton of weight to start feeling better. The more energy you gain from seeing the scale drop, the more likely you are to reach your fitness goals.

Try these Tips for Getting the Scale Started in the Right Direction:
  • Write a list of active activities you are currently capable of (like walking your dog).
  • Aim to do at least 1-2 of those active activities each day.
  • Work your way down this list and repeat them.
  • Maintain other lifestyle changes like healthy eating and stress relief.
  • If the scale drops, pick-up your “active activity” workload and challenge yourself.
  • Work your way to setting new fitness goals and having energy for exercise.

The Reverse Effect of Exercise

While fatigue can make it hard to get moving, did you know exercise will give you energy? It’s quite the catch-22. You need energy to exercise, but exercising will give you the energy. What??

If you can muster up any energy you have, any at all, you’ll probably see it multiplied once you put it to use. Whether you’d rather snooze your alarm clock in the morning or hit the couch after a grueling 8-hour shift , it’s worth your while to make time for physical activity. You’ll find that you’re a lot more productive and energized throughout the day.

Final Thoughts:

Weight-loss, energy and exercise are all connected, even if you need one to do the other. If it all gets overwhelming, remember that small steps make a difference. Any healthy change you make to your lifestyle will have positive results, even if it takes a while to see them.

If you keep-up with your healthy habits and make new goals continuously, you’ll notice the domino effect. When you knock down the first barrier, you’ll set the stage for knocking down other ones. Stay motivated, stay consistent and stay active!


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