Clearing Out the Clutter for a Fresh Start

Messy clutter of files on a desk

When January rolls around, many are ready for a fresh start and want to start taking big steps in various areas of their lives. It’s time to get rid of the extra clutter, and many people decide to minimize and try getting by with less. Where in your life do you have a little extra clutter?

General Clutter:

Think about all the extra clutter in your kitchen drawers, coat closet or office desk, just to name a few. It stacks up over time, and it can be overwhelming when it takes up a lot of unnecessary space. Instead of adding to everything you have, decide if it’s time to scale back.

  • Start small. Choose one area at a time to work on. This could be one drawer, one closet or one room.
  • Take a moment to do inventory of what you use and need. If you are not using something or haven’t used it for several months, you may not need it any longer.
  • Donate the items you don’t need to neighbors or loved ones, a local church or thrift store, or a community center.

Schedule Clutter:

Are you too busy? Is it hard to find time for the things you enjoy doing and for the people you enjoy spending time with? Many times, we say yes to everything, leaving no time for things we really enjoy or things we need to get done during the day. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. How will you spend yours?

  • Decide what needs to be done. This includes your obvious daily tasks that are a must.
  • Decide what tasks you would like to include. This can be a walk with a friend, time to see a new movie or a trip to the mall. Find time for those things to fulfill you.
  • When someone asks you to do something, think about it before agreeing. Make your schedule what you want it to be.

Social Media Clutter:

How much time do you spend scrolling through social media, reading others’ stories and perhaps comparing your life to others? Although small doses of social media can be fun and relaxing, it’s easy to overdo it.

  • Decide how much time you want to allow in a day/week for social media.
  • Set limits on your phone to remind you. Most phones have an app limit or you can download one from an app store.
  • Be amazed at the extra hours you have each day!

People Clutter:

Who do you want to spend your time with? Do you feel overwhelmed saying yes to people and then regret it? Surround yourself with people you enjoy, who make you laugh, and who make you feel good about yourself. People clutter can be similar to schedule clutter.

  • Say yes to the people you want to spend time with.
  • You have no obligation to any person. Choose happy and joy.

There can be many forms of clutter in your life. The above are just a few examples. What clutter areas do you need to focus on? Everyone has different areas they can improve in. This is the time to get organized and be your best you!

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