5 Alternative Places to Work Out Besides the Gym

work out hiking

With a New Year in full swing, many people are hitting the gym with hopes of fulfilling their 2018 resolutions. While a focus on fitness and moving more can help you manage your weight, the gym may not be for everyone.

If you’re not into paying the full price of┬ámonthly dues, initiation fees and other extra charges, don’t worry. There are still plenty of ways for you to work out and achieve your fitness goals!

Where Else Can You Work Out?

You can get a powerful workout almost anywhere, anytime. All it takes is a little creativity and open – mindedness! Check out these alternative ways to squeeze-in a successful workout.

Hit the Beach

If you live near a coastal area, the beach is an excellent place to work out! If you’re feeling in the mood to take a dip in the water, swimming is a great aerobic exercise that utilizes all of your muscles. Another option is to take a walk or a jog along the sand, where the resistance will work your muscles and help you burn more calories. Plus, what a beautiful and scenic place to exercise!

Walk the Mall

This is a great way to work-in fitness and do some shopping at the same time! Many people choose to walk the mall to increase their step count for that day and explore what stores have to offer. For the best mall-walking experience, try to go when the mall first opens or later on in the evening when crowds are dwindling.

Try a Nature Hike

Do you live nearby a state park or a local nature preserve? Hiking is a wonderful cardio exercise that allows you to work your muscles and take in the beaty of the outdoors at the same time. Make sure you wear comfortable tennis shoes and pack plenty of fluids and healthy snacks to give you energy.

Visit a Local Park

Local parks are a great way to have some fun outside but increase your movement at the same time. Try going for a walk, jog or run, or even rent a canoe/kayak if the park features a small lake or two. Some parks even offer fitness “stations” that allow you to focus on resistance exercises.

Stay at Home!

Thats’s right! You can squeeze in an excellent workout right in your own home. Try anything from cardio exercises such as jumping jacks to resistance exercises such as sit-ups.You can even pop-in a DVD and dance right in your living room! As long as you’re moving and challenging yourself, you’re doing just fine.

As you can see, there are plenty of other options to work out at besides the gym. Try picking a location that fits your personality, interests and fitness level to customize your exercise. Have a happy workout!