Your Weight Matters

Take the Challenge Today!

Take the Challenge Today!
Talking to a healthcare provider about your weight is never easy. The Your Weight Matters Campaign is here to help you measure your weight and prepare for that important conversation. By taking the Campaign Challenge, you will receive your FREE Campaign toolkit, which is designed to help you learn more about weight, nutrition, exercise, weight-loss options and most importantly – help you prepare for your talk with your healthcare provider. Get started today by CLICKING HERE.


Thank you for visiting the Your Weight Matters Campaign! The goal of this campaign is simple:

  • First: Learn how WEIGHT IMPACTS HEALTH
  • Second: Take the CHALLENGE
  • Third: TALK to your healthcare provider about YOUR WEIGHT.

Once you take the Challenge, you'll receive the Your Weight Matters Toolkit for FREE! The Toolkit will provide you with useful information to help you prepare for YOUR TALK:

  • Information on Weight and Health
  • Ways to Measure Weight
  • Benefits of Weight-loss
  • Food Journal
  • Questions for your healthcare provider
  • And More!

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Get started today by learning more about your weight and its impact on your health. To begin, CLICK HERE.